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Polypropylene Rope

Polypropylene Rope is ideal for maritime technology-related research operations. This rope has general usage in daily residential and business operations. Commercial fishing ropes may be made using this material. This is also appropriate for water rescue and safety.

Lifting Accessories

Lifting Accessories are used at work for raising or lowering items or persons, including accessories and attachments needed for anchoring, fastening, or supporting the equipment. They require very low maintenance and replacement costs.  

Ratchet Lever Hoist

Ratchet Lever Hoist has the benefit of being able to raise in a variety of positions, including horizontally and vertically, whereas chain hoists are normally employed just vertically. This is widely employed when an operator must hoist the weight up to the top hook.


Bow Shackle

Bow Shackle is a type of shackle with a bigger, circular O shaped bow. Because of its broader bow form, this shackle may be side loaded or utilised in many sling-leg connections. It is very cost effective to use.  


Cargo Lashing Ratchet

Cargo Lashing Ratchet is more secure, trustworthy, and far lighter in weight than typical chains, wires, and jute ropes. This has evolved into a more dependable means of securing all sorts of loads across a wide range of needs.

Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist is a type of hoist that is driven by electricity and can carry a range of weights, often up to 30 tonnes. This has a wide range of applications, including rigging, manufacturing lines, small machine shops, and overhead cranes.

Eye Bolt

Eye bolt can be used to link rigging, anchoring, pulling, pushing, or lifting purposes. Although it is widely utilised in industrial applications, they are frequently misinterpreted or misused. This is very easy to use and safe to handle.

Eye Hook

Eye Hook is available in a variety of sizes and colors and is suitable for waistline zipper closures, dresses and undergarments, pants, and shirts. This may be found at most sewing stores and supermarkets. It has been used for ages.

Eye Nut

Eye Nut is most typically used for dead terminating, back-guying, and connecting pole head guys to cross-arm bolt threaded ends. It is used in the building of overhead power lines and pole lines. It has threads in the centre.


Chain Pulley Block

Chain Pulley Block may also be attached to chain blocks to evenly distribute the weight. The Hand chain wraps around the wheels and begins to lift the thing once you tug on it. This is safe to use.

Electric Wire Hoist

Electric Wire Hoist is driven by an electric motor and contains a controller that allows the lifting parameters to be adjusted. This improves operating efficiency by removing time-consuming manual lifting and positioning chores. It is less expensive and takes up less space.

Wire Rope

Wire rope is used for towing and mooring boats, as well as shipbuilding and lifeboat lowering. It is a sophisticated mechanical device with several moving elements that work together to support and move an object or load.